Android version (Cut the Rope2) was added to the Google Play

According to Pocket-lint 3 March 28 reports, the developer ZeptoLab has finally released the Android user (Cut the Rope 2), users can download the free Google Play in this classic puzzle game.
December 2013, (Cut the Rope 2) of the iOS release, but then (Cut the Rope 2) android version is not released, so many users have disappointed. In addition users can now download Google Play this game, you can also download the android version of the Amazon App store (Cut the Rope 2).
CUT the ROPE 2
Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab's, said: "Since last December (Cut the Rope 2) release of iOS, Android users have been looking forward to Android version (Cut the Rope 2) soon." He added, "We have been in an effort to increase new content and challenges for this free version, while maintaining this free game as interesting as paid games, concise. "
(Cut the Rope 2) added a new feature: it has 120 off, each level has an extra "candy" task; adds new characters and new interactive game maps. The initial version of the rules of the game: the game via cut the rope, the food fell Om Nom's mouth to feed Om Nom. New version of "Cut the Rope 2" in this rule did not change much, but it adds a lot of new characters and more compact storyline.
CUT the ROPE 2
It is reported that, with the exception release (Cut the Rope 2) Android version, ZeptoLab also announced that the current downloads (Cut the Rope) game has more than 500 million times.

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