Obvious Ubuntu operating system pattern is rusty

These three systems actually have their own characteristics, its goal is the same: the smartphone market, but want to build their own ecosystem, to grab from Android and iOS mouth eat, really is a little weak.
MWC2014 came to an end, it means that the smartphone market new beginning in 2014, the exhibition displayed a lot of dramatic new products, including Nokia and samsung Galaxy X S5, the development of the intelligent mobile phone business, of course, can't depart from the support of mobile phone system, but a good mobile phone system, a class will keep the cell phone is greatly increased, even if the configuration of hardware is not strong, such as apple's iOS. And Google Android is also make use of its mobile Phone manufacturers make enough pockets, upgrading of mobile phones continues, Android remain ahead of the competition, and Windows Phone temporarily also can't catch up with the two systems.

The new system is brewing, who can not grasp the Lord, who would have thought that year would fall Symbian, Android could become dominant it, so we take a look at these budding system, which in the end how much energy.
Prepared and obvious advantages - Ubuntu system
From 2004 by Canonical team development to build a predominantly desktop Linux operating system. It was not until 2013 that Ubuntu Ubuntu officially launch a mobile version of the smartphone operating system for the Phone. Ubuntu completely gesture is the biggest highlights of its operation, sliding gesture operation should be from the WebOS, and mobile phone version of Ubuntu had more thoroughly, all operations are done completely based on hand gestures. In addition, the official Ubuntu claim system configuration requirements are lower, because there is no use Java virtual machine, but based on native code, which is short of Android. In addition, the Ubuntu desktop and mobile phone parts, so the two can achieve seamless docking, mobile system will have the ability to each other with the desktop system transformation.

In the face of such situation, Ubuntu adjusted the strategy, with the new version of the Android system Ubuntu system, allows the user to switch the two platform at any time, for the Android mobile phone appeared, that is before the non Canonical have announced the signing the contract with the mobile phone, with UbuntuTouch system. This is not a surprise, meizu is becoming more and more impacted by the other manufacturers in domestic, and Ubuntu also need seek a way out, so this may be their mutual win a game, the future is still a mystery.

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