Explore the deep sea treasures! " DIVE -The Mystery Of Abyss " shelves

SummerTimeStudio announced for iOS and Android dual-platform launch of new work (DIVE-The Mystery Of Abyss-), has been officially in the App Store and Google Play shelves.

This work is a submarine ride to explore the mysteries of a vast ocean, explore adventure action game in beautiful Ocean World 3D sea. In the game, players can not only see the deep beauty of 3D, you also need to create a more powerful submarine to explore deeper waters more.

Game mode of operation is very simple, moving up and down around the submarine controlled by tapping the screen. In order to find hidden treasures in the deep need to utilize laser detection. You also need to pay attention to the fuel once the fuel runs out, even if Game Over.

In exploring the deep sea, you may encounter, such as the remains of the temple have been sunk. Often these places will have treasure, but also the existence of a mysterious creature. This is when you need to get through the gold to build more powerful submarine to fight. Strengthen the submarine, not only can dive into deeper waters, but also improve the speed, power, etc. torpedo.

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