Kirkwood were pushed together again Samsung Galaxy S5/Gear 2/Gear Fit new accessories

For those who want to give their Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit accessories to bring more personality people, there is good news. Samsung has once again join hands with British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, and accessories to create an exclusive product line. Samsung in their own home Instagram released 15 bold and minimalist design. It is reported that this is the second collaboration between Samsung and Kirkwood's (the last time Note 3).

Samsung's first collaboration with the Kirkwood for Galaxy Note 3 brought a simple and unique herringbone pattern (chevron pattern), and the subtle embellishment and bold color.
This time collaboration, Kirkwood Samsung recently released smart watches Gear series, bringing a new wristband design (also with a unique herringbone pattern).

Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch two different protective shell, and a gold / white + green / white options. As wristband, it seems that only black / white two colors.
No Kirkwood accessories Samsung announced the price and launch date, but the Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and is now the world's Gear Fit Distribution.


Samsung Note4 to new features: with iris recognition technology

As early as before the Galaxy S5 issued in last year, there is a news story said samsung will carry on the new iris recognition technology (identification) of retina, but obviously the S5 release time did not catch up with the technology development of mature period. But with the approach of the samsung Note4, this technology be mentioned again.

According to people familiar with the matter, samsung is testing some new features on the Galaxy Note 4, is one of iris recognition. The pick up after the technology, as long as the camera to scan the user's iris can quickly unlock the phone. Actually the article points out the iris information is our retina.
Similarly, not long ago South Korea's samsung, senior director of wireless business development room Li Renzhong (transliteration) samsung investors in Hong Kong, China, shangri-la hotel on the BBS, said samsung high-end smartphone will launch the iris recognition technology, the high-end models may means the samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Bring the retina's identification But don't know whether this technology is still need front cameras light perception 
In addition, the samsung Galaxy Note 4 May also join the same fingerprint equipment function and the Galaxy S5, swipe fingerprint to have mobile phone users unlock or fingerprint payment. Galaxy Note 4 at the same time also have waterproof function, like the Galaxy S5 and are equipped with a special underwater shooting model, where users underwater photography, waterproof level may even higher than the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy on the S5 "more network booster" may also be added to the Galaxy Note 4.

Distance, of course, the flagship samsung in the second half of the domestic machine and for a period of time, so must go to parameters of the machine also need further exposure in the future. According to the latest news, samsung will be held in August a called samsung Unpacked Event "conference, show the samsung Galaxy Note 4. At the same time, will be released on September 3, formally this phone.


HTC M8 Ace rendering exposure Hyperboloid plastic airframe design

HTC One M8 Ace everybody is not strange, this is will be named the HTC One version of the new fashion the multi-exposure although have in the past, but has not seen. Now, the domestic media ifanr released for the first time the phone on the back of the photos, show that HTC One fashion version cancelled the double camera design, and at the back using the hyperboloid shape, will be a top specifications, but also will use the plastic fuselage models.
HTC M8 Ace spy exposure
According to the fact of ifanr received, people familiar with the matter said the release is a HTC One fashion version of the rendering, and it is not the rumored HTC Butterfly 2, but also the main fashion selling point, have a variety of color design. In the shape and design the machine not only inherited the classic design of the HTC One family, and more for the first time used the hyperboloid modelling, overall give a person the sense very chic.
In addition, the so-called HTC One version seems to remove the double camera design, fashion and the LED flash at the top of the camera, at the top of the fuselage did not have a headphone jack, look also cancelled the infrared function. Of course, the most important thing is that the past popular but the high cost of metal fuselage, this time in the HTC One fashion edition is replaced with the colorful plastic.
5 inch touch screen
And according to our source, HTC One fashion version of "homogeneous" price strategy will be adopted, that is to say, in addition to the body material is different, the machine with HTC One M8 almost no difference in the hardware configuration, also can use 2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, 1080 p resolution and with a 5.0 -inch touch screen, support the Dot View intelligence show case.
However, has yet to have the machine camera specification was exposed, but should be equipped with a 13000000 megapixel camera is expected, and has 5 million pixels front cameras, as for the other, such as 2 gb of ram and 16 gb storage capacity and Android4.4.2 system, should be consistent with the HTC One M8.
It is worth mentioning that had appeared in the published by the state administration of radio equipment models approved list of HTC M8Sw and HTC M8St considered likely is rumoured HTC One fashion version, its main feature is HTC M8Sw supports GSM/WCDMA/td-scdma LTE, whereas M8St to HTC support GSM/td-scdma/TD - LTE, should be for unicom and mobile launch 4 g smartphones.


How to Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung

When you got a New Samsung to replace your old HTC, or replacing the old Samsung with a HTC, you may have lots of questions  as below:

"How can I transferr contacts from HTC to Samsung?"
"Is it possible to transfer HTC photos videos to my new Samsung Galaxy S5?"
"What can I do to transfer data from Samsung to HTC One?"
"How to transfer SMS from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S4?"
Is there any way to easily switch Apps from HTC to Samsung?
And so on...

No matter what data do you want to transfer between Samsung and HTC phone and tablet, in order to save most of your time and  energy, we recommend you to use the Wondershare MobileTrans.

Wondershare MobileTrans has the ability to transfer data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, Apps and more between HTC  and Samsung directly. This program is totally risk-free, thus you don't need to worry about the safety of phones. In  addition, the transfer tool is apply to any Samsung and HTC phone, including the last Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4,  HTC One M8, HTC One max and so on.

You can free download a trial version here:

How to Transfer Data Between HTC and Samsung

Step 1: Connect Two of Your Devices to the Computer

Firstly, install and launch the Wondershare MobileTrans, then click Start to enter the phone to phone transfer interface.  Connect both of your Samsung and HTC to your computer via USB cables. When your devices are connected and detected by  program, you'll get a window as follow.
Transfer Data Between HTC and Samsung - 1

Step 2: Start to Transfer Data between HTC and Samsung

Now, data on your source phone (Samsung or HTC) that can be transferred are listed in the middle, such as contacts, photos,  messages, etc. You only need to mark those you're going to move to another phone and click Start Copy. Then they can be  fully copied to your destination phone. Just wait a moment, the whole process will not take too much of your time.
Transfer Data Between HTC and Samsung - 2

Besides, you can also sync data from your HTC and Samsung to PC for backup with a click, and restore the saved backup file  to any supported devices, including Android, iDevices or Symbian.
Backup HTC or Samsung to PC

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Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy

Lost or Deleted Samsung Galaxy Photos Videos?
Photos and videos are the best means to cherish good old days. Many Samsung Galaxy user said they have taken a lot of photos  and videos in their daily life and store them on the Samsung decives. If you accidentally deleted some pictures, videos or  other media files from Samsung galaxy, or formatted the media storage, can we still recover deleted photos videos from  Samsung?

Lost or Deleted Samsung Galaxy Text Messages?
Many Samsung users wonder whether it is possible to recover and read text messages after they have been deleted from their  phones, like Galaxy S3, S4, Samsung Wave, Samsung Ace. They may have deleted an important text message containing phone  number, reminder, address or financial details that they may need later on.

Lost or Deleted Samsung Galaxy Contacts?
If you have ever had to perform a hard reset, or even lost or broken your Samsung smartphone, or accidentally deleted the  whole contacts list when you were cleanning up your Samsung Galaxy S, you may know the frustration of losing your important  contact list. Now you may ask is it possible to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy without a backup before?

Lost or Deleted Samsung Galaxy WhatsApp chat history?
According to the survey recently, Samsung users who use WhatsApp will take their time checking their WhatsApp several times  a day. WhatsApp bring lots of convenient to us that we can send photos, videos and text messages to our friends online,  meanwhile, it is a terrible thing if we have our WhatsApp chat history lost. How can we regain them?

Excuse me, is there anything else worse? So, wheather there is a effective way to restore the deleted or lost data from our Samsung phone and tablet?

Android Data Recovery is the world's 1st data recover expert that can solve your problem in a simple and secure way. Not  only restore deleted Media files, Android Data Recovery also can recover contacts and SMS files formatted, restoring factory  settings, flashing ROM, rooting or lost due to other reasons from various Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablet.

One-Click to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy Phone and Tablet 

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer
Launch the program, and connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer via USB. 

Step 2. Enable USB debugging 
In this step, you need to turn on USB debugging mode on your phone. Three accesses for different Android system are shown as  follow. Go to settings on your galaxy according to your Android version.
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a  note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

Step 3. Detecting and analyzing your Samsung phone
After your device is detected by the program, you'll get a window as follow. Read the tips carefully. If your phone battery  has no problem, you just need to click "Start" to start analyzing data on your phone.

After the analyzing, you will get a popping request on your device. Click "Allow", and then back to your computer screen,  click "Start" to start scanning.

Step 4. Preview and Samsung data recovering
A few minutes later, the scanning result will be listed like the image below. To make sure which one you want to get back,  you can preview the files one by one before recovery. Tick those you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.  For safety of the recovered data, you are required to save the retrieve data to a folder that is different from the original  one. That means do not save them back to you phone.

Tips: If you indeed want to save your contacts, SMS, images and music back to your phone, you may resort to Android  Transfer.

Admonish: Although you can restore lost or deleted data from your Samsung Galaxy by using a recovery tool now, however, regular  backup of your device is very necessary, so as to better protect your data from loss. How to transfer your data from Samsung  to PC for backup, in order to easily manage them on your PC, we recommend you to use the Android Data Assistant or Android  Data Assistant Mac, you will thanks its powerful and professional.