Tizen Trial: UI And Similar Ultra Android

Samsung Tizen

Technology blog Ars Technica wrote today , Tizen operating system Android user experience with a very similar , except for some details, the entire interface is exactly the same with Android . However, the system to really grow, still have to overcome the lack of application of critical defects . Samsung Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, the product is clearly the most dazzling Android system equipped Galaxy S5, however , the use of autonomous mobile operating system Tizen equally deserving of attention, after all , this is a complete system is controlled by Samsung . Tizen Samsung unveiled a prototype phone is very similar appearance and Galaxy S4 . Tizen is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed , because the system is Samsung's own R & D , and thus may eventually replace the company's Android to become the leading platform. From the current point of view , Tizen and Android looks very similar to the style , it looks like a device running TouchWiz Android system.
Tizen button design with Samsung's Android phones exactly the same, but also provides a directory, Home and Back button. The system runs very smoothly, and Android, as the application of the system is also equipped with a drawer, home screen page, pull down the notifications panel and widget functionality. The biggest difference is circular application icon. widget with extended features, such as long as the weather widget slide down it, you can display the weather forecast for the next few days. The user can adjust the size of widget, which is the same as Android. However, if the widget compressed to 1x1 size, it will automatically become an icon, and if stretched to the size of 2x2 can become widget.
Press the Home key brings up recent applications, which is also the same with Android, but the thumbnails are displayed in a grid, rather than a list. In addition, we can not draw directly to the thumbnails, you must click on a small minus sign before it can be deleted. Samsung also provides a multi-window function Tizen. Just press return press, you can bring up a "mini-applications" list, allows multiple applications to run simultaneously on each window. The system is still a mini-camera applications, the effect is sufficient competition with Android.
Samsung said, Tizen device is expected to officially on the market in 2014, but does not disclose specific release areas.
From the interface, Tizen than that in the notification panel to change the weirdest Android, each notification is not presented in tabular form, instead of using a grid pattern. In addition, it set up the first page using a grid interface design, the second page is using the list view. But the interface is not everything, Tizen development tools for developers, how much interest is still difficult to know. It is reported that developers can use C + + or HTML5 to develop applications, it is apparent, with Andorid application developed in Java seems unlikely converted into Tizen applications. It is reported, there have been third-party Android applications on the emulator Tizen, but Samsung did not show this service.
  HTML5 rendering is not limited to text and images, but also supports WebGL 3D applications. Samsung also unveiled a HTML5-based racing game, although very simple, but the effect is very good. Samsung has convinced many companies to develop Tizen applications, such as, Gameloft will develop for the platform native version of "Asphalt 8".
Surprisingly on Tizen prototype also comes with several Google icons, including YouTube and Google search, but can only be connected to the mobile site, rather than native applications. Before an OEM manufacturer does not seem to take this kind of model.

Although Samsung try to make Tizen imitate Android interface, but also seems to turn Tizen set for Galaxy S5 interface impact. Since the appearance of the Samsung designed these two systems are very close, so it may one day quietly replace the flagship smartphone operating system. At least in appearance, the average user is difficult to detect this change.
However, a major problem is that Tizen application. Although the system has not been finally completed, but at the moment, it seems to be an Android clone. Samsung has not demonstrated enough to attract users away from Android and select Tizen functions, but also did not demonstrate the advantages of this system lies to developers.
However, due to the OEM manufacturers must comply with the provisions of Google , so Tizen is expected to help Samsung better control over the entire software development process . But the development of the system is the first step , the most important thing is to get enough application support, which will be the emergence of a " chicken or egg " problem : no one to Tizen application development because one will buy Tizen handsets, while will buy Tizen handsets because nobody gave Tizen application development . Samsung tried to shortcut mobile site is also counted as " application " , but from past experience, this approach can not work.
Google has a huge software development capabilities, thus providing the killer app of their own operating systems, including Google Maps , Gmail, Google Now and YouTube, which are also attracting users to use Android 's weapon , and even a lot of iPhone users are very value of these features.
Samsung , the total number of applications ranging from how to Tizen zero to several million , and in the process of converting the system does not lose its existing share, is indeed a big challenge . Purely from the perspective of mobile phone operating system , Tizen seems pretty good, but Microsoft and Blackberry experience shows that this is not enough.


Microsoft Will Continue To Use The Nokia Lumia Brand

It is reported that Microsoft executives said on Wednesday, the company will continue to use nokia and the brand of the company, but did not disclose details of the transition plan.
Microsoft Windows Phone director Greg Sullivan, a mobile world congress in Spain (hereinafter referred to as the "non") confirmed that Microsoft after completion of acquisition of nokia mobile Phone business will continue to use the company brand, but did not disclose the use of nokia's brand plan.
Microsoft, said a spokesman for nokia phones department in Microsoft will continue to produce mobile phones after its, and will continue to use the trademark of nokia.
Microsoft revealed Windows Phone at MWC a detailed upgrade plan, and announced LG and Lenovo and other companies will launch more affordable for Windows Phone handsets. Sullivan said Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia does not pose a threat to other manufacturers, but will enhance the flexibility of these companies, allowing it to use the software instead of physical buttons.
To the Windows Phone market position, Sullivan emphasized the future growth. "If you're in third place in a game, you want to be more than the car in front, we must speed up." To accelerate continuously and finally, he said, "if you will be more than they."
Of course, Windows Phone still faces many challenges. Sullivan, admitted: "we still have a lot of work to do in terms of application platform."
When asked in Britain and Italy and other areas of success, Sullivan said: "there is no particular reason, this is the result of different factors together."

Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone 2014 Samsung BBS

During the 2014 samsung BBS in Bali, Indonesia, shows the MWC2014 samsung has just posted on the latest flagship smartphone GALAXY S5, and smart watches 2 / Neo Gear and Gear Fit.
Samsung GALAXY S5, unlike on MWC2014 published before, the samsung BBS site shows the released version of the GALAXY S5, already all cultural system interface. Exterior aspect, the Chinese version of S5 is consistent with the international version, have adopted the classic model of samsung, little difference with the previous generation products. GALAXY S5 Home button, however, support the fingerprint identification, and Home button on the left side of the Android classic menu changed to Android 4.0 standard multiple task switching key, at the same time, the back flash position joined the heart rate sensor.
Hardware configuration, the samsung GALAXY S5 adopted 5.1 -inch Super AMOLED screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. With a 2.5 GHz Xiao dragon 801 quad-core processors, built-in 2 gb memory and 16/32 gb storage space, fuselage and support the MicroSD card extension. At the same time, the battery capacity up to 2800 mah battery, joined the super power-saving mode, and support the dust-proof waterproof IP67 level. Samsung GALAXY S5 is equipped with 16 million pixels of principal camera, support for shooting and 4 k video recording.
Samsung Gear Smart Watch
Gear series smart watches
Smart watches Gear 2/Neo and Gear Fit forum Samsung also unveiled the latest release of Samsung second generation smart watches abandoned in naming the word "Galaxy". Which, Gear 2/Neo are used 1.63 inches 320 × 320 resolution screen, 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage space, running Samsung's own Tizen system, built-in 300 mA battery, can be life 2-3 days . The difference is that, Gear 2 is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel autofocus camera, and Gear Neo does not.
New Gear Fit the 1.84 inch arc Super AMOLED screen, a resolution of 432 x 128 pixels, the built-in 210 mah battery, can support the range of 3 to 4 days. Three smart watches products support dust-proof waterproof IP67 level.
Samsung said the GALAXY S5 will together with a new generation of Gear series smart watches in the global launch in April of this year.

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Microsoft Support Nokia Push Android's Phone But Do Not Excitement

Vice president of the Windows operating system
• Joe (Joe Belfiore) on Sunday held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​Microsoft's press conference to answer questions about Nokia will launch Android smartphones question, said : "There are some things we feel very excited , we are not too excited about some things no matter what they do, we have to support them . "
Joe Belfiore reiterated that Microsoft has a strong relationship with Nokia Joe Belfiore said, because Microsoft has not yet completed acquisition of Nokia devices division , he can not say too much. Microsoft's head of global OEM manufacturers 
Nick Parker (Nick Parker) chimed in , he thanked the competition. Here compete is very good.

Nokia Push Androids phone

There is a unique relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. It is widely believed that Nokia will launch running Android operating system for smart phones is undermining the commitment of Microsoft and Nokia's previous Windows Phone 's . Given Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia devices sector trading then there will be a few weeks to complete , this initiative is Nokia's strange .

 Nokia Push Androids phone

Although the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft has been very harmonious. However , Nokia will launch Android smartphones initiatives that Microsoft may maintain a certain distance with Nokia, even after the completion of the acquisition transaction as well. In order to balance relationships with other partners , Microsoft must show that it is neutral. Sun also announced a number of Microsoft Windows Phone support new partner companies, including LG, ZTE and Lenovo, as well as iPhone maker Foxconn .ind Parker seems to have agreed to allow Nokia to operate independently , although after the completion of the acquisition transaction may be subject to change.


The Upcoming Releases of Samsung Galaxy S5

American Amazon, Spigen phone protective cover in advance shelves Galaxy S5 version, S5 renderings therefore exposure. According to the introduction, Galaxy S5 will be available in two versions: Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Prime, the former still retains the traditional physical Home button, while the latter canceled the physical Home button, and the latter seems to be greater than the former size.

According to many previous reports, S5 characteristic parameters have gradually become clear: a screen size of 5.25 inches, and the resolution is 1920 × 1080 and 2560 × 1440 in two versions; 2, the eight-core Exynos 5422 processor and Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 MSM8974AC double version; 3, running memory upgrade to 3GB, some versions remain 2GB; 4, 16 million pixel camera, new processor and camera components, optical image stabilization camera; 5, built-in fingerprint recognition capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5-2
Thus, the Samsung GALAXY S5 distance we are getting closer, and after gradually leaked configuration specifications, and now the machine available time exposure on the network. According to foreign websites GSM Arena reports that the Samsung GALAXY S5 will be in three weeks, which is listed for sale officially began in mid-March.