HTC M8 Ace rendering exposure Hyperboloid plastic airframe design

HTC One M8 Ace everybody is not strange, this is will be named the HTC One version of the new fashion the multi-exposure although have in the past, but has not seen. Now, the domestic media ifanr released for the first time the phone on the back of the photos, show that HTC One fashion version cancelled the double camera design, and at the back using the hyperboloid shape, will be a top specifications, but also will use the plastic fuselage models.
HTC M8 Ace spy exposure
According to the fact of ifanr received, people familiar with the matter said the release is a HTC One fashion version of the rendering, and it is not the rumored HTC Butterfly 2, but also the main fashion selling point, have a variety of color design. In the shape and design the machine not only inherited the classic design of the HTC One family, and more for the first time used the hyperboloid modelling, overall give a person the sense very chic.
In addition, the so-called HTC One version seems to remove the double camera design, fashion and the LED flash at the top of the camera, at the top of the fuselage did not have a headphone jack, look also cancelled the infrared function. Of course, the most important thing is that the past popular but the high cost of metal fuselage, this time in the HTC One fashion edition is replaced with the colorful plastic.
5 inch touch screen
And according to our source, HTC One fashion version of "homogeneous" price strategy will be adopted, that is to say, in addition to the body material is different, the machine with HTC One M8 almost no difference in the hardware configuration, also can use 2.5 GHz qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, 1080 p resolution and with a 5.0 -inch touch screen, support the Dot View intelligence show case.
However, has yet to have the machine camera specification was exposed, but should be equipped with a 13000000 megapixel camera is expected, and has 5 million pixels front cameras, as for the other, such as 2 gb of ram and 16 gb storage capacity and Android4.4.2 system, should be consistent with the HTC One M8.
It is worth mentioning that had appeared in the published by the state administration of radio equipment models approved list of HTC M8Sw and HTC M8St considered likely is rumoured HTC One fashion version, its main feature is HTC M8Sw supports GSM/WCDMA/td-scdma LTE, whereas M8St to HTC support GSM/td-scdma/TD - LTE, should be for unicom and mobile launch 4 g smartphones.

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