Google launched Android Wear wearable smart watch competition

According to reports, following Samsung, Apple has announced that the independent development of nuclear Microsoft wearable devices can post, Google announced the launch of a smart watch, formally joined the race.
Google on Tuesday announced the launch of Android Wear smart watch, and strive to make the Android operating system beyond mobile phones and tablet computers, can enter a new field of wearable devices. Google's watch products from the beginning of this effort, although Google believes that the future Android will have wider application. Earlier this year, the company also disclosed details of the plan to let the Android system car. 
Android Wear facilities will include a fitness tracking options, voice control, notification, including a series of functions. 

Google said the company is working with several existing Android device manufacturers (such as HTC, LG, Asus, Motorola and Samsung), watch manufacturers (such as Fossil) and chip manufacturers (such as Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, MediaTek and Qualcomm) cooperative research and development. First smart watch will be available later this year.
Indeed LG Electronics today announced plans in 2014 for the second quarter will support Android Wear the G Watch smart watch market. The company is not to be introduced to the product details, but said that this product can be used with a large number of Android smartphone compatibility. Smart watches will provide telephone notification feature, users can help the voice, "Well, Google" search query.
At the same time, Motorola introduced the Moto 360. The smart watch with G Watch provides similar functionality, and will be the first in the U.S. shelves this summer sale. Google also released a watch software "developer preview", so that the application manufacturer can prepare. 
Google Android and Chrome sector leaders Zander • leather Cai (Sundar Pichai) had said earlier this month, Google will release a tool kit for Android developers can be developed accordingly.
Google says Google has been able to watch and Android smart notification system to run concurrently, so some applications of the work can be launched.

Google is attempting to gradually warming wearable device market to win a place, after Samsung has just launched the second generation of smart watches Gear, a group of equipment manufacturers have announced plans to join the race. Apple and Microsoft also said it is funding research and development of wearable devices.

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