Aimed at occupying the global Google Yuduo wearable device operating system

Smart wearable devices has become now one of the hottest smart products, major manufacturers have launched their own smart wearable devices, so smart wearable devices for applications will also become the new battleground. Recently, Google Android president announced that it will release Android wearable device software development tools in the next two weeks. This means that Google at the same time occupy the global smartphone operating system dominance, the new direction is locked in a wearable device.
Google will release Android SDK
In addition, the outside world have speculated that Google will launch its own smart watches products, but Google has not been a talk about the matter, but the Google side said wearable devices including smart watches only, but broader, including before Google launched Google glasses. I believe in this case, or Apple's hardware and software will accelerate progress in wearable devices, in the future we will see Apple and Google in the wearable device market a new fight.

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