10% of the electricity used 24 hours Samsung S5 three energy-saving technology

Samsung has just released a new flagship Galaxy S5 is equipped with a capacity of 2800 mAh battery. And that's with the previous generation Galaxy S4 compared to 2600 mA indeed be a big improvement. But in the eyes of the user, just increase the capacity of 200 mA for improving smartphone usage time seems not achieve much effect. The Samsung deliberately additionally added a "super power-saving mode," that is, after the phone battery is below 10%, the color of the screen will become black and white, all non-essential program will automatically shut down, Samsung said the phone can also be an additional adhere to 24 hours.

However, in addition to enhancing the capacity of the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S5 who still use the three "saving Cheats" including NavExtend, WebExtend and GameExtend included, allowing the phone's battery life far beyond our imagination. This "three Cheats" comes from the company's energy-saving technology LucidLogix PowerExtend. And we are very familiar with LucidLogix company, has launched before AMD / NVIDIA graphics cards in parallel, integrated / discrete hybrid acceleration technology to absorb the card company.
First NavExtend technology play a role in this technique can be used when the GPS positioning function in the phone. NavExtend can reduce the demand on the graphics processor in the Galaxy S5 open map function. That NavExtend map screen refresh rate can be reduced, especially in the information highway so less obvious areas of defense, can significantly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, it is learned can extend battery life up to 25%.
Followed named WebExtend technology. As the name implies, can be optimized by the user when browsing the web browser to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. And away from the GPU still relevant, the technology will automatically determine the user opens the page, close out those ads and consume resources annoying Flash content, you can save 25% of electricity consumption, increase the phone's battery life.

Finally GameExtend game-related technology, it is worth mentioning that, before the technology has been used in the Galaxy Note3 body, but this made ​​specifically for the Galaxy S5 innovation. GameExtend user can ensure that the premise of the quality gaming experience as simple as possible. Of course, the body or from the GPU to make a fuss again, can improve endurance by up to 50%.
As a whole, Galaxy S5 have these three "saving Cheats" is a more simple interface through exchange less power consumption, which for the average user who is very acceptable. It is worth mentioning that, PowerExtend technology is deployed in the system kernel level, without user intervention, but they can not turn itself on or off.
Though Samsung said the entire PowerExtend technology can be integrated to enhance the Galaxy S5 battery life up to 25%, but how exactly the actual results, but also wait until after the products listed real outcome.

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