Third-party filters, blur effects: Android camera application or a face-lift

Android's camera app will be a face-lift. According to reports, informed sources, Google is currently testing a new version of the camera application. Android upgraded camera will have a new UI interface, background blur when shooting portraits, panoramic, fisheye effects.
Allegedly, is testing a new version fixes a problem with the camera application of existing applications. Users can cut off one hundred percent of the viewfinder to capture a photo box, in simple terms, when you pick up the camera, see the scene in the viewfinder box and after the photo was taken is entirely consistent with what the photo does not appear in unexpected passerby. 
In addition to restoration, the new camera application also increased the number of effects, filters will support third-party developers to develop their own design and import filters. In addition, portrait bokeh is also the focus of this upgrade, the new "lens blur mode" can provide a more shallow depth of field. Prior to this feature in Nokia's Refocus app and HTC One (M8) on. Another added feature as well as a high-resolution panorama, fisheye effects.
Sources hinted that the updated camera application will stand alone, which means running a non-Nexus Android 4.4 users can also use the new camera for the first time, instead of waiting for OTA update from their device manufacturer or operator.

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