Exposed new vulnerabilities Android phone instantly becomes "black brick"

Android security is not really so reliable? March 31, according to media reports, the researchers said Ibrahim Balic, Android has recently been broke vulnerabilities, hackers can find and exploit in Android 2.3,4.2.2 4.3, the attack code hidden in legitimate software applications
According to reports, the hacker can be found in Android 2.3,4.2.2 and 4.3 exploits the attack code hidden in legitimate software applications, if the user's phone is just a vulnerable version of security, then you can launch a DoS from a memory corruption vulnerability (Denial of Service) attacks. 
Such an attack is likely to cause the phone to crash (black brick), there may be mobile phone users to delete all the data stored inside, but in fact, this situation may occur on very different version of the Android system.
Users do not really care if attacked, do not allow the phone "restore factory settings", because most likely you "allow" the moment you have and the data stored inside your phone say goodbye.

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