Samsung Note4 to new features: with iris recognition technology

As early as before the Galaxy S5 issued in last year, there is a news story said samsung will carry on the new iris recognition technology (identification) of retina, but obviously the S5 release time did not catch up with the technology development of mature period. But with the approach of the samsung Note4, this technology be mentioned again.

According to people familiar with the matter, samsung is testing some new features on the Galaxy Note 4, is one of iris recognition. The pick up after the technology, as long as the camera to scan the user's iris can quickly unlock the phone. Actually the article points out the iris information is our retina.
Similarly, not long ago South Korea's samsung, senior director of wireless business development room Li Renzhong (transliteration) samsung investors in Hong Kong, China, shangri-la hotel on the BBS, said samsung high-end smartphone will launch the iris recognition technology, the high-end models may means the samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Bring the retina's identification But don't know whether this technology is still need front cameras light perception 
In addition, the samsung Galaxy Note 4 May also join the same fingerprint equipment function and the Galaxy S5, swipe fingerprint to have mobile phone users unlock or fingerprint payment. Galaxy Note 4 at the same time also have waterproof function, like the Galaxy S5 and are equipped with a special underwater shooting model, where users underwater photography, waterproof level may even higher than the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy on the S5 "more network booster" may also be added to the Galaxy Note 4.

Distance, of course, the flagship samsung in the second half of the domestic machine and for a period of time, so must go to parameters of the machine also need further exposure in the future. According to the latest news, samsung will be held in August a called samsung Unpacked Event "conference, show the samsung Galaxy Note 4. At the same time, will be released on September 3, formally this phone.

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