Microsoft Will Continue To Use The Nokia Lumia Brand

It is reported that Microsoft executives said on Wednesday, the company will continue to use nokia and the brand of the company, but did not disclose details of the transition plan.
Microsoft Windows Phone director Greg Sullivan, a mobile world congress in Spain (hereinafter referred to as the "non") confirmed that Microsoft after completion of acquisition of nokia mobile Phone business will continue to use the company brand, but did not disclose the use of nokia's brand plan.
Microsoft, said a spokesman for nokia phones department in Microsoft will continue to produce mobile phones after its, and will continue to use the trademark of nokia.
Microsoft revealed Windows Phone at MWC a detailed upgrade plan, and announced LG and Lenovo and other companies will launch more affordable for Windows Phone handsets. Sullivan said Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia does not pose a threat to other manufacturers, but will enhance the flexibility of these companies, allowing it to use the software instead of physical buttons.
To the Windows Phone market position, Sullivan emphasized the future growth. "If you're in third place in a game, you want to be more than the car in front, we must speed up." To accelerate continuously and finally, he said, "if you will be more than they."
Of course, Windows Phone still faces many challenges. Sullivan, admitted: "we still have a lot of work to do in terms of application platform."
When asked in Britain and Italy and other areas of success, Sullivan said: "there is no particular reason, this is the result of different factors together."

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