Android phones come with the end of the first 64-bit processor

As the world's first 64 smart phone mobile processor, Apple A7 chip can definitely be regarded as a milestone in the field of smart phones. Just A7 chip just released soon, as the mainstay of the Android camp, Samsung and Qualcomm announced that it will soon launch its own 64-bit mobile processor. However, after a high-profile announcement, Android camp's 64-bit processor craze seems to have cooled a lot, equipped with 64-bit processor and Android devices in the short term does not appear. According to media reports, although Google has solved some problems, but the system is still not perfect Android supports 64-bit processors, which is why the Android camp, "64" of the process so the main reason for the lag.

In addition to the 64-bit processor, the major Android device manufacturers seem to RAM (dynamic random access memory) chips have encountered problems. It is reported that chip manufacturers and if you want to mass produce 64-bit processor matching RAM chips, then you need to upgrade the production line, and initial production will have to face shortages and low production yield of the double test. Meanwhile, RAM chip prices are climbing, so the cost factor is also an important factor restricting 64 Android device development. Based on the above points, industry analysts believe that 64 Android smartphones at the earliest until the end of the year will come.

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