Android version (Cut the Rope2) was added to the Google Play

According to Pocket-lint 3 March 28 reports, the developer ZeptoLab has finally released the Android user (Cut the Rope 2), users can download the free Google Play in this classic puzzle game.
December 2013, (Cut the Rope 2) of the iOS release, but then (Cut the Rope 2) android version is not released, so many users have disappointed. In addition users can now download Google Play this game, you can also download the android version of the Amazon App store (Cut the Rope 2).
CUT the ROPE 2
Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab's, said: "Since last December (Cut the Rope 2) release of iOS, Android users have been looking forward to Android version (Cut the Rope 2) soon." He added, "We have been in an effort to increase new content and challenges for this free version, while maintaining this free game as interesting as paid games, concise. "
(Cut the Rope 2) added a new feature: it has 120 off, each level has an extra "candy" task; adds new characters and new interactive game maps. The initial version of the rules of the game: the game via cut the rope, the food fell Om Nom's mouth to feed Om Nom. New version of "Cut the Rope 2" in this rule did not change much, but it adds a lot of new characters and more compact storyline.
CUT the ROPE 2
It is reported that, with the exception release (Cut the Rope 2) Android version, ZeptoLab also announced that the current downloads (Cut the Rope) game has more than 500 million times.

Exposed new vulnerabilities Android phone instantly becomes "black brick"

Android security is not really so reliable? March 31, according to media reports, the researchers said Ibrahim Balic, Android has recently been broke vulnerabilities, hackers can find and exploit in Android 2.3,4.2.2 4.3, the attack code hidden in legitimate software applications
According to reports, the hacker can be found in Android 2.3,4.2.2 and 4.3 exploits the attack code hidden in legitimate software applications, if the user's phone is just a vulnerable version of security, then you can launch a DoS from a memory corruption vulnerability (Denial of Service) attacks. 
Such an attack is likely to cause the phone to crash (black brick), there may be mobile phone users to delete all the data stored inside, but in fact, this situation may occur on very different version of the Android system.
Users do not really care if attacked, do not allow the phone "restore factory settings", because most likely you "allow" the moment you have and the data stored inside your phone say goodbye.


Explore the deep sea treasures! " DIVE -The Mystery Of Abyss " shelves

SummerTimeStudio announced for iOS and Android dual-platform launch of new work (DIVE-The Mystery Of Abyss-), has been officially in the App Store and Google Play shelves.

This work is a submarine ride to explore the mysteries of a vast ocean, explore adventure action game in beautiful Ocean World 3D sea. In the game, players can not only see the deep beauty of 3D, you also need to create a more powerful submarine to explore deeper waters more.

Game mode of operation is very simple, moving up and down around the submarine controlled by tapping the screen. In order to find hidden treasures in the deep need to utilize laser detection. You also need to pay attention to the fuel once the fuel runs out, even if Game Over.

In exploring the deep sea, you may encounter, such as the remains of the temple have been sunk. Often these places will have treasure, but also the existence of a mysterious creature. This is when you need to get through the gold to build more powerful submarine to fight. Strengthen the submarine, not only can dive into deeper waters, but also improve the speed, power, etc. torpedo.


Android phones come with the end of the first 64-bit processor

As the world's first 64 smart phone mobile processor, Apple A7 chip can definitely be regarded as a milestone in the field of smart phones. Just A7 chip just released soon, as the mainstay of the Android camp, Samsung and Qualcomm announced that it will soon launch its own 64-bit mobile processor. However, after a high-profile announcement, Android camp's 64-bit processor craze seems to have cooled a lot, equipped with 64-bit processor and Android devices in the short term does not appear. According to media reports, although Google has solved some problems, but the system is still not perfect Android supports 64-bit processors, which is why the Android camp, "64" of the process so the main reason for the lag.

In addition to the 64-bit processor, the major Android device manufacturers seem to RAM (dynamic random access memory) chips have encountered problems. It is reported that chip manufacturers and if you want to mass produce 64-bit processor matching RAM chips, then you need to upgrade the production line, and initial production will have to face shortages and low production yield of the double test. Meanwhile, RAM chip prices are climbing, so the cost factor is also an important factor restricting 64 Android device development. Based on the above points, industry analysts believe that 64 Android smartphones at the earliest until the end of the year will come.


Google launched Android Wear wearable smart watch competition

According to reports, following Samsung, Apple has announced that the independent development of nuclear Microsoft wearable devices can post, Google announced the launch of a smart watch, formally joined the race.
Google on Tuesday announced the launch of Android Wear smart watch, and strive to make the Android operating system beyond mobile phones and tablet computers, can enter a new field of wearable devices. Google's watch products from the beginning of this effort, although Google believes that the future Android will have wider application. Earlier this year, the company also disclosed details of the plan to let the Android system car. 
Android Wear facilities will include a fitness tracking options, voice control, notification, including a series of functions. 

Google said the company is working with several existing Android device manufacturers (such as HTC, LG, Asus, Motorola and Samsung), watch manufacturers (such as Fossil) and chip manufacturers (such as Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, MediaTek and Qualcomm) cooperative research and development. First smart watch will be available later this year.
Indeed LG Electronics today announced plans in 2014 for the second quarter will support Android Wear the G Watch smart watch market. The company is not to be introduced to the product details, but said that this product can be used with a large number of Android smartphone compatibility. Smart watches will provide telephone notification feature, users can help the voice, "Well, Google" search query.
At the same time, Motorola introduced the Moto 360. The smart watch with G Watch provides similar functionality, and will be the first in the U.S. shelves this summer sale. Google also released a watch software "developer preview", so that the application manufacturer can prepare. 
Google Android and Chrome sector leaders Zander • leather Cai (Sundar Pichai) had said earlier this month, Google will release a tool kit for Android developers can be developed accordingly.
Google says Google has been able to watch and Android smart notification system to run concurrently, so some applications of the work can be launched.

Google is attempting to gradually warming wearable device market to win a place, after Samsung has just launched the second generation of smart watches Gear, a group of equipment manufacturers have announced plans to join the race. Apple and Microsoft also said it is funding research and development of wearable devices.


Aimed at occupying the global Google Yuduo wearable device operating system

Smart wearable devices has become now one of the hottest smart products, major manufacturers have launched their own smart wearable devices, so smart wearable devices for applications will also become the new battleground. Recently, Google Android president announced that it will release Android wearable device software development tools in the next two weeks. This means that Google at the same time occupy the global smartphone operating system dominance, the new direction is locked in a wearable device.
Google will release Android SDK
In addition, the outside world have speculated that Google will launch its own smart watches products, but Google has not been a talk about the matter, but the Google side said wearable devices including smart watches only, but broader, including before Google launched Google glasses. I believe in this case, or Apple's hardware and software will accelerate progress in wearable devices, in the future we will see Apple and Google in the wearable device market a new fight.

10% of the electricity used 24 hours Samsung S5 three energy-saving technology

Samsung has just released a new flagship Galaxy S5 is equipped with a capacity of 2800 mAh battery. And that's with the previous generation Galaxy S4 compared to 2600 mA indeed be a big improvement. But in the eyes of the user, just increase the capacity of 200 mA for improving smartphone usage time seems not achieve much effect. The Samsung deliberately additionally added a "super power-saving mode," that is, after the phone battery is below 10%, the color of the screen will become black and white, all non-essential program will automatically shut down, Samsung said the phone can also be an additional adhere to 24 hours.

However, in addition to enhancing the capacity of the battery, the Samsung Galaxy S5 who still use the three "saving Cheats" including NavExtend, WebExtend and GameExtend included, allowing the phone's battery life far beyond our imagination. This "three Cheats" comes from the company's energy-saving technology LucidLogix PowerExtend. And we are very familiar with LucidLogix company, has launched before AMD / NVIDIA graphics cards in parallel, integrated / discrete hybrid acceleration technology to absorb the card company.
First NavExtend technology play a role in this technique can be used when the GPS positioning function in the phone. NavExtend can reduce the demand on the graphics processor in the Galaxy S5 open map function. That NavExtend map screen refresh rate can be reduced, especially in the information highway so less obvious areas of defense, can significantly reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, it is learned can extend battery life up to 25%.
Followed named WebExtend technology. As the name implies, can be optimized by the user when browsing the web browser to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. And away from the GPU still relevant, the technology will automatically determine the user opens the page, close out those ads and consume resources annoying Flash content, you can save 25% of electricity consumption, increase the phone's battery life.

Finally GameExtend game-related technology, it is worth mentioning that, before the technology has been used in the Galaxy Note3 body, but this made ​​specifically for the Galaxy S5 innovation. GameExtend user can ensure that the premise of the quality gaming experience as simple as possible. Of course, the body or from the GPU to make a fuss again, can improve endurance by up to 50%.
As a whole, Galaxy S5 have these three "saving Cheats" is a more simple interface through exchange less power consumption, which for the average user who is very acceptable. It is worth mentioning that, PowerExtend technology is deployed in the system kernel level, without user intervention, but they can not turn itself on or off.
Though Samsung said the entire PowerExtend technology can be integrated to enhance the Galaxy S5 battery life up to 25%, but how exactly the actual results, but also wait until after the products listed real outcome.


How Can I Retrieve Deleted Files from Samsung

Broken Samsung Phones? delete videos on Galaxy Phones ? Deleted Data from Samsung Captivate? Deleted  Photos from Galaxy S4/S3? Deleted Pictures on Samsung Galaxy? Lost Contacts on Galaxy S4? ...

You have no way to get your lost or deleted data back in tha past, no matter lost due to artificial or  non-artificial situations. Once you deleted data like contacts, messages, photos and so on from you  Samsung, it mean that you lose them forever. However, you don't need to worry about it any more now, you  can easily to regain your lost or deleted data from Samsung via Samsung Data Recovery tool.

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Steps to Retrieve Deleted Files from Samsung

Step 1 Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer
Launch the program, and connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer via USB.

Step 2 Enable USB debugging
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB  debugging"
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
enter USB debugging
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times  until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" <  Check "USB debugging"

Step 3 Begin analyzing and scanning your Samsung
After enable USB debugging, you can click "Start" to begin to analyze the data on your Samsung device.

Step 4 Preview and restore lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy
Preview the data you want from the scanning result, and then click "Recover" to save them to your computer
recover data from samsung
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• Directly recover deleted SMS text messages and contacts
• Retrieve photos and video lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc., from SD cards inside Android devices
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How to Restore Lost and Deleted Data From Android Phone and Tablet

How to Backup Contacts, Messages, Photos and More from Android to PC


Samsung apply peculiar patent:With your fingers instead of the keyboard input

Recently Samsung patent ever, two days before the first exposure of the "Tablet PC bent Borders" patent, yesterday has been exposed, is applying a "finger virtual keyboard system" patent. As can be seen, beginning in 2014, Samsung will take the road of innovation.
Finger virtual keyboard system, as the name implies, is the man's fingers a virtual keyboard to use, so it is more convenient one-hand operation, and don't touch device, can input characters, etc.
Samsung apply fo"finger virtual keyboard system" patent 

Future or use your finger as a virtual keyboard

Samsung "finger virtual keyboard system" patent demo map

Finger knuckle corresponding to different letters and numbers

The patent strange index is extremely high, so attracted high attention in the industry. In the future if really can realize to replace the keyboard with his fingers, then will bring the user's convenience is immeasurable. Can learn from the exposure of the patent design, samsung intends to keyboard distribution in different areas of the fingers, and even support scratchable latex input method. The realization of the input mode, it is through a permanent open camera follow your finger motion, thus for input.
At present, including voice commands, such as the laser projection keyboard rejects traditional input methods, has the disadvantages of different and use of a corner, did not carry forward, therefore, samsung move or will open a new chapter of virtual input. It is reported, future research and development of the technology or appears in the samsung smart wear equipment or mobile phone tablet.


Obvious Ubuntu operating system pattern is rusty

These three systems actually have their own characteristics, its goal is the same: the smartphone market, but want to build their own ecosystem, to grab from Android and iOS mouth eat, really is a little weak.
MWC2014 came to an end, it means that the smartphone market new beginning in 2014, the exhibition displayed a lot of dramatic new products, including Nokia and samsung Galaxy X S5, the development of the intelligent mobile phone business, of course, can't depart from the support of mobile phone system, but a good mobile phone system, a class will keep the cell phone is greatly increased, even if the configuration of hardware is not strong, such as apple's iOS. And Google Android is also make use of its mobile Phone manufacturers make enough pockets, upgrading of mobile phones continues, Android remain ahead of the competition, and Windows Phone temporarily also can't catch up with the two systems.

The new system is brewing, who can not grasp the Lord, who would have thought that year would fall Symbian, Android could become dominant it, so we take a look at these budding system, which in the end how much energy.
Prepared and obvious advantages - Ubuntu system
From 2004 by Canonical team development to build a predominantly desktop Linux operating system. It was not until 2013 that Ubuntu Ubuntu officially launch a mobile version of the smartphone operating system for the Phone. Ubuntu completely gesture is the biggest highlights of its operation, sliding gesture operation should be from the WebOS, and mobile phone version of Ubuntu had more thoroughly, all operations are done completely based on hand gestures. In addition, the official Ubuntu claim system configuration requirements are lower, because there is no use Java virtual machine, but based on native code, which is short of Android. In addition, the Ubuntu desktop and mobile phone parts, so the two can achieve seamless docking, mobile system will have the ability to each other with the desktop system transformation.

In the face of such situation, Ubuntu adjusted the strategy, with the new version of the Android system Ubuntu system, allows the user to switch the two platform at any time, for the Android mobile phone appeared, that is before the non Canonical have announced the signing the contract with the mobile phone, with UbuntuTouch system. This is not a surprise, meizu is becoming more and more impacted by the other manufacturers in domestic, and Ubuntu also need seek a way out, so this may be their mutual win a game, the future is still a mystery.


Samsung GALAXY S5 Metal Version

Samsung is about to release every time anew machine if it will use metal material has been the most talked about topic, but from the previous new look, GALAXY S and GALAXY Note series have been using a plastic material, the latest S5 and Note3 even have plastics made ​​of leather texture.
Samsung GALAXY S5
Shortly after the release GALAXY S5, a foreign news media exposed again, GALAXY S5 is likely to be launched using a metal version of the model, the traditional plastic housing and metal versions. In addition, the message also pointed out that the use of metal materials GALAXY S5 is likely to adopt GALAXY F of this new model, and the screen is also a direct upgrade to 2K, other configurations have not yet mentioned. Samsung Galaxy S5 body will use the metal one-piece design, is expected to debut in the next year. Recently, on the Samsung Galaxy S5 next generation smartphone design in the form of endless rumors, and recent rumors suggesting that the future of this Samsung device enclosure design may contain two versions: one is the use of traditional plastic materials and design, another version is the use of metal materials and design.
Samsung GALAXY S5
Samsung has just released its new eight-core processor, and is legendary GALAXY F will be powered by the processor it? Or is still in the development stage that section 64 processor? At present, these are just the rumor stage, no clear conclusion. Screen resolution GALAXY S5 used as 2560 × 1440 pixels, ppi to 560, according to infer the screen size of about 5.25 inches, will be equipped with an eight-core Exynos processor 64-bit, 16-megapixel camera, 3GB RAM, 4000 mA battery , running Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

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