Samsung apply peculiar patent:With your fingers instead of the keyboard input

Recently Samsung patent ever, two days before the first exposure of the "Tablet PC bent Borders" patent, yesterday has been exposed, is applying a "finger virtual keyboard system" patent. As can be seen, beginning in 2014, Samsung will take the road of innovation.
Finger virtual keyboard system, as the name implies, is the man's fingers a virtual keyboard to use, so it is more convenient one-hand operation, and don't touch device, can input characters, etc.
Samsung apply fo"finger virtual keyboard system" patent 

Future or use your finger as a virtual keyboard

Samsung "finger virtual keyboard system" patent demo map

Finger knuckle corresponding to different letters and numbers

The patent strange index is extremely high, so attracted high attention in the industry. In the future if really can realize to replace the keyboard with his fingers, then will bring the user's convenience is immeasurable. Can learn from the exposure of the patent design, samsung intends to keyboard distribution in different areas of the fingers, and even support scratchable latex input method. The realization of the input mode, it is through a permanent open camera follow your finger motion, thus for input.
At present, including voice commands, such as the laser projection keyboard rejects traditional input methods, has the disadvantages of different and use of a corner, did not carry forward, therefore, samsung move or will open a new chapter of virtual input. It is reported, future research and development of the technology or appears in the samsung smart wear equipment or mobile phone tablet.

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