Android 5.0 system, or will cancel the Home button

The message the first by the media exposure, according to internal employees, Android 5.0 will be deprecated virtual page button now, instead of by Google the name of the key, main function is to search service. In addition, after the cancellation of the virtual Home button, Google will use "from multitasking interface slip left" gesture operation to complete the return to the main interface.
The new three virtual keys function seems to have a lot of differences and localization
Of course, we are not sure whether the latest operating system code for the android 5.0, after all, Google has already not just once in the system version tai chi with you on this matter. In addition, according to the android will average about nine months will launch a dozen of system update style, from the system update should not be too long.
In addition to the UI changes in operation, the android update will also increase more functions, the main purpose is for wearable devices to provide better support in the future. Such as support for Android Wear wearable equipment related new applications, it is likely to meet with you in this update.


Suspected Moto X + 1 on the test site is equipped with a 5.2 -inch screen

One of MOTOROLA's Moto X will follow in subsequent versions, which is the legendary Moto X + 1. Although now no one knows what is this new handsets, there will be how to upgrade the function, but a few days ago in the graphical benchmark software GFXBench database of MOTOROLA XT912A has attracted the attention of the people. This machine not only with a 5.2 -inch touch screen and new Android4.4.3 system, and because the model in the past in the Moto X prototype, so probably it is rumored Moto X + 1.
A 5.2 -inch touchscreen

From the GFXBench test, according to information released this models for XT912A MOTOROLA phone on the part of the configuration or attractive, not only has a 5.2 -inch touchscreen loading, and supported by a resolution reached 1080 p level. And also the built-in high-pass Xiao dragon 800 processor, with 2 gb of RAM memory and 32 gb of storage capacity.
MOTOROLA XT912A also adopts double lens configuration, of which the front lens to 2 million pixels, and be able to full 1080 p hd video recording, and on the back of the main lens is 12 million pixels, equipped with LED flash to support automatic focusing, face recognition and full 1080 p hd video filming. In addition, the machine had a big feature is carrying the Android4.4.3 system has not yet been released version, the information is known will repair the previous Bug, and make the system more stable.
Or for Moto X + 1
It is important to note that MOTOROLA XT912A this model is not the first time, long before Moto X has not yet been released, Vietnam site exposure of prototype show that the machine model for XT912A, but the final retail version of the Moto X depending on the region of sale was eventually named XT1053, XT1055, XT1056, XT1058 and XT1060 models. So, once again appear in the XT912A may just test machine code, and according to the name of the origin, did not rule out is rumoured Moto X upgrade Moto X + 1.
Yet this is only speculation, but at least from the perspective of a leak part specifications, a bigger touch screen, better processor and camera upgrade characteristics are in line with the previous people upgrade expected, the function of the Moto X + 1 and in time, the appear on the test platform conforms to this machine also released in the summer.

Samsung S5 doing well North America in the first week sales of the iPhone 5 s

Although in the beginning of release in the gag innovation is insufficient, but according to market research firm iQmetrix, according to survey data provide samsung GALAXY S5 of the north American market in the United States and Canada in the first week sales of hit, respectively in the local market smartphone sales of 25% and 18%, higher than last year, apple iPhone 5 s in the first week of sales ratio.

At the same time, according to data released by the samsung GALAXY S5 sell best in the south region, on April 11-13 on sale in the first two days, the new sales account for about 41% of the total local smartphone sales, and the northeastern United States is 30%, the northwest was 23%, compared with 21% in the Midwest. It is reported, Qmetrix company's data from 15000 retail stores, collect data for April 11-13, while apple iPhone 5 s data for September 20-22 last year.
Consumer reports
But the good news about the samsung GALAXY S5 also comparison results from authoritative magazine. According to the American consumer reports for each mobile operator smartphone comparison results show that the samsung GALAXY S5 with a score of 80-81 points, in the list of the four major mobile operators are at the top of the list. It is reported, the samsung GALAXY S5 of the screen image quality, performance, web browsing, battery capacity, etc, to achieve "excellent", but also a higher camera and portability.
According to consumer reports, the samsung GALAXY S5 use convenience, waterproof and dustproof, is a durable type of mobile phone. A 16000000 megapixel camera and Selective Focus Focus selection function is also very good. As for the power saving mode, effectively improve the battery life, and through the fingerprint recognition has strengthened the safety performance of the phone.
As a main competitor, apple iPhone 5 s ranked eighth in the t-mobile, ranked ninth in the Sprint, whereas in Verizon and AT&T number 11.
Will push the crystal version of the GALAXY S5

Crystal cell phone shell has always been a favorite of many women, samsung is now set to cater to the be fond of of this part of consumer groups, specially with Swarovski (Swarovski), plans to launch a mobile ShiLuoHua version of the GALAXY S5 Swarovski crystal, is expected to be officially on sale in May this year.
In fact, it is not a samsung with ShiLuoHua swarovski first cooperation, after including samsung GALAXY SII, the GALAXY SIII mini and the GALAXY S4, GALAXY Note 3 have been launched ShiLuoHua swarovski crystal, so the GALAXY S5 crystal version should be a continuation of previous models. From samsung, however, the official released video promotional channels from samsung Korea, so not sure whether this version will be released around the world.
As for the samsung GALAXY S5 ShiLuoHua swarovski crystal, there is no special place on the function, the difference is on the back is completely covered by crystal, looks is sparkling, and samsung also the version will be presented at the end of the promotional video has gone on sale in May this year, but it is unclear what specific prices, but many women believe that after the official launch will capture the user's heart.


Samsung GALAXY Note 4 to pass on three sides with a flexible screen

Yoon Han-Kil, senior vice president of Samsung had told the media that the future Samsung GALAXYNote 4 will use a "new styling elements," because it would involve a major cross-iteration of Samsung models, so the industry is also For this guessing a lot. Recently, Zdnet Korean station announced that the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 will be used "Youm" flexible display, which features in addition to the front of the display area, but also extends to the edges of the screen side edges to form three sides of the screen form .
Or with three sides of the screen
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is undoubtedly the most important product of this year, so Samsung hopes to try some changes in this cross-border models. Therefore, Yoon Han-Kil, senior vice president of Samsung GALAXY Note 4 will be used after a "new styling element", South Korean media also gives his own speculation. According to Zdnet Korean station quoted insiders as saying that Samsung will be the first time the "three" Youm introduced onto a flexible screen smartphones.
As this will be used on the GALAXY Note 4 on three sides "Youm flexible screen, compared to the past with the Samsung GALAXY Round the flexible screen is great diversity because it showed a positive addition to the area, the edge of the screen will extends on both sides of the body, thus forming three sides of the screen, can display more content.
Patented three-screen functionality Secret
Of course, the three sides of the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 used "Youm" flexible screen is not just for the pursuit of a "new style element", or to let the phone looks different, it is still in daily use quite practical. According to Samsung presentations and patent applications last year showed that on three sides with a flexible screen smart phone, the completion of such operations as "sliding lock / unlock the screen," as long as one side of the phone can be completed, and this side also act battery / charging indicator.
Moreover, when users view the gallery when browsing through the side of the screen can display lists the gallery each folder or by date display, sliding touch specified date photographs. In addition, the side of the display screen can also be in the address book, e-book chapters catalog; or clipboard; aspects of large e-mail attachments and display a small storage area, etc. play a role. Obviously, the three sides of the screen in the shape of the design will not only have a sense of the future, but also functional and practical, but also can be a good touch screen to reduce energy consumption.

By the end of September announced suspense
In fact, about the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 on three sides of the display will be used to say there were rumors in early January of this year, when then in February, when the rumor of the three sides the opportunity to configure and display a similar "curling" (rolled edge ) display. But now the problem is a problem of Samsung flexible screen in terms of mass production, so flexible screen models, although it will be officially released, but it should not be a temporary flagship model of Samsung, but as the model variant version available.
Samsung GALAXY Note series, according to the release cycle, is expected by the end of September this year, will be launched GALAXY Note 4, when really there are rumors of three sides of the screen, let us wait and see.


Samsung S5 fingerprint scanning is compromised account security issues raised

Fingerprint scanning technology on the Samsung Galaxy S5 described as mixed use.

The joy is that, after a long period of testing, users find it very handy indeed. The worry is that, at present it has brutally cracked, making the machine owners and their PayPal account security worrying.
H Security reports, SRLabs has released a video, the video shows that you can easily fool fingerprint stickers S5 ​​fingerprint scanner. Within minutes, the group members will use a fingerprint really made ​​a "sham" to gain access to the phone. Some would say that Apple's 5S fingerprint authentication can be cracked in the same way too, ah, member of the group pointed out, S5 fingerprint security mechanisms makes this much improved crack dangers.
Apple's TouchID system, users need to use fingerprint authentication before password to enter it again, reboot the device after each user must enter a password to use it again, although this step may be a bit cumbersome, it seems indeed play a role, At least SRLabs not as easily fooled as the S5. However S5 but without any password to access the device, after the restart, with the fingerprint plan what you can unlock gently. Disturbing fact is that even after the restart, do not lose the password will be able to enter PayPal, and if the App is set to the words of certified fingerprint scanning, crackers were able to use fake fingerprints directly under the single payment of PayPal.


Twitter acquired Android lock screen application company Cover

Twitter announced Monday that it has acquired the Android lock screen application developers Cover. Cover can decide on the phones main screen displays what the application, this innovative company will join Twitter's San Francisco headquarters based on the user's geographic location.
Cover launched in October last year, is to help the user to create a custom lock screen content applications. Once launched, Cover quickly attracted more than 100,000 users of all ages. With this application, users can create custom lock screen menu, highlight common applications and related content. Cover lock screen displays the contents of a user can be automatically adjusted according to their environment, such as in the car, Cover will highlight the contents of Pandora and other music playing applications; while in the workplace when, Cover preferentially display Evernote or Dropbox and other office-type applications.
Cover has attracted the attention of venture capital firms. Including First Round Capital and PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, shortly after the establishment of this company will provide up to $ 1.7 million in seed money.
Cover in an official statement that the company will continue to provide applications on Google Play; and after joining Twitter, will create better products and services to the public. Twitter and Cover are to disclose details of the transaction.
In recent months, Twitter has been willing to experiment with a variety of new features of Android, but most functions are mainly used to test and observe what the user really likes. It is worth noting that Yahoo acquired earlier this year for desktop application development company Aviate. Aviate development of the Android phone's desktop, the desktop can be customized and personalized. The product can be classified as application software for mobile phones, in addition to the environment according to the user, provide personalized information on your desktop.

Eight-core version of the Samsung GALAXY S5 run sub-scores exposure Ultra Edition Xiaolong

Samsung had no intention of past official documents leaked over the eight-core version of the GALAXY S5 information, but then Samsung will soon be deleted. However, this does not mean that this version has been canceled, and exposure before GsmArena eight-core version of the Samsung GALAXY S5 Ann Bunny run of results, and claimed that this version will be listed in India and most Asian countries.
Run 801 version of Super Xiaolong

According to the exposure of the security Bunny run of test shots, the eight-core version of the Samsung GALAXY S5 models for SM-G900H, equipped with the Orion Exynos 5 eight-core processor, its security Bunny run sub-score reached 38,580 points, than using Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor GLAXY S5 version a score of about 36,000. Specifically, the eight-core version of the CPU integer, floating point, 3D and other projects through higher Xiaolong surpassed 801 version.
Prior to this, a Samsung official tells the history of the Samsung GALAXY S series documents, in contrast to the entry specification, the processor part of the Samsung GALAXY S5 also appeared in eight-core Exynos processor version, and displays the processor clocked at 2.1GHz.

For the Asian market

Despite the run did not disclose the specific model of the processor, but from past exposure information point of view, it should be Samsung's new eight-core Exynos 5422 processor, and its main feature is both 28nm HK + MG process, based on big . LITTLE architecture consists of four Cortex-A15, Cortex-A7 four core components, and with a Mali-T628 MP6 GPU. However, the biggest change compared to the last purpose of this processor is to support HMP technology (heterogeneous multiprocessing), eight cores to run simultaneously, which is called the true eight-core processor. 
According to the previous practice of Samsung mobile phones, Samsung Exynos processor equipped version does not support LTE 4G network, and this point in the previous leaked information has been confirmed, according to foreign websites GsmArena therefore say, this version will be in India and most Asian countries listed, and is equipped with 801 Xiaolong processor GALAXY S5 is the world's most open market commercial 4G network.

S5 state line to help out double Yin release
It is worth mentioning that, according to the official news release said Samsung, Samsung GALAXY S5 Chinese version will be published in the Beijing National Tennis Center Diamond Stadium on April 18, when the popular drama "You come from the stars," the actress Jeon Ji Hyun Jin Xiuxian and will the scene to help out. It is reported that the Samsung GALAXY S5 in the Chinese market as the price of 5,299 yuan, will begin in the domestic part of the Samsung Experience April 11 shops and stores on sale operators.
In addition, Samsung's smart wearable devices Gear Fit has now officially landed in China's official website, this smart device designed specifically for sports enthusiasts, the price of 1,498 yuan in the Chinese market, Samsung has opened the official website to buy.


Where the time, Android / iPhone playtime account for 30%

Many Android, iPhone users will often ask myself, my time go? According to a North American smartphone users behavior survey showed that U.S. Android and iPhone users spend an average of 2 hours 48 minutes a day dealing with all types of mobile APP application or game.
Compared to 2013, this data is only increased by 4 minutes. Among them, 86% of the average user time (about 2 hours 19 minutes) spent on application operation, the remaining 14% of the time (22 minutes) with a web browser to access web pages and other online activities.

According to the latest mobile company Flurry statistics, compared to 2013, mobile games once again become the preferred mobile users, accounting for 32% of the time; closely followed by social applications, cumulative occupy 28% of the time remaining for the entertainment, work tools spend 8%, respectively, 4% of the time.
As the largest social networking platform Facebook cumulative foreign smartphone users spend about 17% of the time, another major video site YouTube is also a separate user consumes 4% of the time.

Third-party filters, blur effects: Android camera application or a face-lift

Android's camera app will be a face-lift. According to reports, informed sources, Google is currently testing a new version of the camera application. Android upgraded camera will have a new UI interface, background blur when shooting portraits, panoramic, fisheye effects.
Allegedly, is testing a new version fixes a problem with the camera application of existing applications. Users can cut off one hundred percent of the viewfinder to capture a photo box, in simple terms, when you pick up the camera, see the scene in the viewfinder box and after the photo was taken is entirely consistent with what the photo does not appear in unexpected passerby. 
In addition to restoration, the new camera application also increased the number of effects, filters will support third-party developers to develop their own design and import filters. In addition, portrait bokeh is also the focus of this upgrade, the new "lens blur mode" can provide a more shallow depth of field. Prior to this feature in Nokia's Refocus app and HTC One (M8) on. Another added feature as well as a high-resolution panorama, fisheye effects.
Sources hinted that the updated camera application will stand alone, which means running a non-Nexus Android 4.4 users can also use the new camera for the first time, instead of waiting for OTA update from their device manufacturer or operator.