Android 5.0 system, or will cancel the Home button

The message the first by the media exposure, according to internal employees, Android 5.0 will be deprecated virtual page button now, instead of by Google the name of the key, main function is to search service. In addition, after the cancellation of the virtual Home button, Google will use "from multitasking interface slip left" gesture operation to complete the return to the main interface.
The new three virtual keys function seems to have a lot of differences and localization
Of course, we are not sure whether the latest operating system code for the android 5.0, after all, Google has already not just once in the system version tai chi with you on this matter. In addition, according to the android will average about nine months will launch a dozen of system update style, from the system update should not be too long.
In addition to the UI changes in operation, the android update will also increase more functions, the main purpose is for wearable devices to provide better support in the future. Such as support for Android Wear wearable equipment related new applications, it is likely to meet with you in this update.

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