Samsung S5 doing well North America in the first week sales of the iPhone 5 s

Although in the beginning of release in the gag innovation is insufficient, but according to market research firm iQmetrix, according to survey data provide samsung GALAXY S5 of the north American market in the United States and Canada in the first week sales of hit, respectively in the local market smartphone sales of 25% and 18%, higher than last year, apple iPhone 5 s in the first week of sales ratio.

At the same time, according to data released by the samsung GALAXY S5 sell best in the south region, on April 11-13 on sale in the first two days, the new sales account for about 41% of the total local smartphone sales, and the northeastern United States is 30%, the northwest was 23%, compared with 21% in the Midwest. It is reported, Qmetrix company's data from 15000 retail stores, collect data for April 11-13, while apple iPhone 5 s data for September 20-22 last year.
Consumer reports
But the good news about the samsung GALAXY S5 also comparison results from authoritative magazine. According to the American consumer reports for each mobile operator smartphone comparison results show that the samsung GALAXY S5 with a score of 80-81 points, in the list of the four major mobile operators are at the top of the list. It is reported, the samsung GALAXY S5 of the screen image quality, performance, web browsing, battery capacity, etc, to achieve "excellent", but also a higher camera and portability.
According to consumer reports, the samsung GALAXY S5 use convenience, waterproof and dustproof, is a durable type of mobile phone. A 16000000 megapixel camera and Selective Focus Focus selection function is also very good. As for the power saving mode, effectively improve the battery life, and through the fingerprint recognition has strengthened the safety performance of the phone.
As a main competitor, apple iPhone 5 s ranked eighth in the t-mobile, ranked ninth in the Sprint, whereas in Verizon and AT&T number 11.
Will push the crystal version of the GALAXY S5

Crystal cell phone shell has always been a favorite of many women, samsung is now set to cater to the be fond of of this part of consumer groups, specially with Swarovski (Swarovski), plans to launch a mobile ShiLuoHua version of the GALAXY S5 Swarovski crystal, is expected to be officially on sale in May this year.
In fact, it is not a samsung with ShiLuoHua swarovski first cooperation, after including samsung GALAXY SII, the GALAXY SIII mini and the GALAXY S4, GALAXY Note 3 have been launched ShiLuoHua swarovski crystal, so the GALAXY S5 crystal version should be a continuation of previous models. From samsung, however, the official released video promotional channels from samsung Korea, so not sure whether this version will be released around the world.
As for the samsung GALAXY S5 ShiLuoHua swarovski crystal, there is no special place on the function, the difference is on the back is completely covered by crystal, looks is sparkling, and samsung also the version will be presented at the end of the promotional video has gone on sale in May this year, but it is unclear what specific prices, but many women believe that after the official launch will capture the user's heart.

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