Suspected Moto X + 1 on the test site is equipped with a 5.2 -inch screen

One of MOTOROLA's Moto X will follow in subsequent versions, which is the legendary Moto X + 1. Although now no one knows what is this new handsets, there will be how to upgrade the function, but a few days ago in the graphical benchmark software GFXBench database of MOTOROLA XT912A has attracted the attention of the people. This machine not only with a 5.2 -inch touch screen and new Android4.4.3 system, and because the model in the past in the Moto X prototype, so probably it is rumored Moto X + 1.
A 5.2 -inch touchscreen

From the GFXBench test, according to information released this models for XT912A MOTOROLA phone on the part of the configuration or attractive, not only has a 5.2 -inch touchscreen loading, and supported by a resolution reached 1080 p level. And also the built-in high-pass Xiao dragon 800 processor, with 2 gb of RAM memory and 32 gb of storage capacity.
MOTOROLA XT912A also adopts double lens configuration, of which the front lens to 2 million pixels, and be able to full 1080 p hd video recording, and on the back of the main lens is 12 million pixels, equipped with LED flash to support automatic focusing, face recognition and full 1080 p hd video filming. In addition, the machine had a big feature is carrying the Android4.4.3 system has not yet been released version, the information is known will repair the previous Bug, and make the system more stable.
Or for Moto X + 1
It is important to note that MOTOROLA XT912A this model is not the first time, long before Moto X has not yet been released, Vietnam site exposure of prototype show that the machine model for XT912A, but the final retail version of the Moto X depending on the region of sale was eventually named XT1053, XT1055, XT1056, XT1058 and XT1060 models. So, once again appear in the XT912A may just test machine code, and according to the name of the origin, did not rule out is rumoured Moto X upgrade Moto X + 1.
Yet this is only speculation, but at least from the perspective of a leak part specifications, a bigger touch screen, better processor and camera upgrade characteristics are in line with the previous people upgrade expected, the function of the Moto X + 1 and in time, the appear on the test platform conforms to this machine also released in the summer.

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