Samsung S5 fingerprint scanning is compromised account security issues raised

Fingerprint scanning technology on the Samsung Galaxy S5 described as mixed use.

The joy is that, after a long period of testing, users find it very handy indeed. The worry is that, at present it has brutally cracked, making the machine owners and their PayPal account security worrying.
H Security reports, SRLabs has released a video, the video shows that you can easily fool fingerprint stickers S5 ​​fingerprint scanner. Within minutes, the group members will use a fingerprint really made ​​a "sham" to gain access to the phone. Some would say that Apple's 5S fingerprint authentication can be cracked in the same way too, ah, member of the group pointed out, S5 fingerprint security mechanisms makes this much improved crack dangers.
Apple's TouchID system, users need to use fingerprint authentication before password to enter it again, reboot the device after each user must enter a password to use it again, although this step may be a bit cumbersome, it seems indeed play a role, At least SRLabs not as easily fooled as the S5. However S5 but without any password to access the device, after the restart, with the fingerprint plan what you can unlock gently. Disturbing fact is that even after the restart, do not lose the password will be able to enter PayPal, and if the App is set to the words of certified fingerprint scanning, crackers were able to use fake fingerprints directly under the single payment of PayPal.

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