Where the time, Android / iPhone playtime account for 30%

Many Android, iPhone users will often ask myself, my time go? According to a North American smartphone users behavior survey showed that U.S. Android and iPhone users spend an average of 2 hours 48 minutes a day dealing with all types of mobile APP application or game.
Compared to 2013, this data is only increased by 4 minutes. Among them, 86% of the average user time (about 2 hours 19 minutes) spent on application operation, the remaining 14% of the time (22 minutes) with a web browser to access web pages and other online activities.

According to the latest mobile company Flurry statistics, compared to 2013, mobile games once again become the preferred mobile users, accounting for 32% of the time; closely followed by social applications, cumulative occupy 28% of the time remaining for the entertainment, work tools spend 8%, respectively, 4% of the time.
As the largest social networking platform Facebook cumulative foreign smartphone users spend about 17% of the time, another major video site YouTube is also a separate user consumes 4% of the time.

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