Kirkwood were pushed together again Samsung Galaxy S5/Gear 2/Gear Fit new accessories

For those who want to give their Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit accessories to bring more personality people, there is good news. Samsung has once again join hands with British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, and accessories to create an exclusive product line. Samsung in their own home Instagram released 15 bold and minimalist design. It is reported that this is the second collaboration between Samsung and Kirkwood's (the last time Note 3).

Samsung's first collaboration with the Kirkwood for Galaxy Note 3 brought a simple and unique herringbone pattern (chevron pattern), and the subtle embellishment and bold color.
This time collaboration, Kirkwood Samsung recently released smart watches Gear series, bringing a new wristband design (also with a unique herringbone pattern).

Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch two different protective shell, and a gold / white + green / white options. As wristband, it seems that only black / white two colors.
No Kirkwood accessories Samsung announced the price and launch date, but the Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and is now the world's Gear Fit Distribution.

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