Samsung GALAXY Note 4 to pass on three sides with a flexible screen

Yoon Han-Kil, senior vice president of Samsung had told the media that the future Samsung GALAXYNote 4 will use a "new styling elements," because it would involve a major cross-iteration of Samsung models, so the industry is also For this guessing a lot. Recently, Zdnet Korean station announced that the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 will be used "Youm" flexible display, which features in addition to the front of the display area, but also extends to the edges of the screen side edges to form three sides of the screen form .
Or with three sides of the screen
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is undoubtedly the most important product of this year, so Samsung hopes to try some changes in this cross-border models. Therefore, Yoon Han-Kil, senior vice president of Samsung GALAXY Note 4 will be used after a "new styling element", South Korean media also gives his own speculation. According to Zdnet Korean station quoted insiders as saying that Samsung will be the first time the "three" Youm introduced onto a flexible screen smartphones.
As this will be used on the GALAXY Note 4 on three sides "Youm flexible screen, compared to the past with the Samsung GALAXY Round the flexible screen is great diversity because it showed a positive addition to the area, the edge of the screen will extends on both sides of the body, thus forming three sides of the screen, can display more content.
Patented three-screen functionality Secret
Of course, the three sides of the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 used "Youm" flexible screen is not just for the pursuit of a "new style element", or to let the phone looks different, it is still in daily use quite practical. According to Samsung presentations and patent applications last year showed that on three sides with a flexible screen smart phone, the completion of such operations as "sliding lock / unlock the screen," as long as one side of the phone can be completed, and this side also act battery / charging indicator.
Moreover, when users view the gallery when browsing through the side of the screen can display lists the gallery each folder or by date display, sliding touch specified date photographs. In addition, the side of the display screen can also be in the address book, e-book chapters catalog; or clipboard; aspects of large e-mail attachments and display a small storage area, etc. play a role. Obviously, the three sides of the screen in the shape of the design will not only have a sense of the future, but also functional and practical, but also can be a good touch screen to reduce energy consumption.

By the end of September announced suspense
In fact, about the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 on three sides of the display will be used to say there were rumors in early January of this year, when then in February, when the rumor of the three sides the opportunity to configure and display a similar "curling" (rolled edge ) display. But now the problem is a problem of Samsung flexible screen in terms of mass production, so flexible screen models, although it will be officially released, but it should not be a temporary flagship model of Samsung, but as the model variant version available.
Samsung GALAXY Note series, according to the release cycle, is expected by the end of September this year, will be launched GALAXY Note 4, when really there are rumors of three sides of the screen, let us wait and see.

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