Microsoft Support Nokia Push Android's Phone But Do Not Excitement

Vice president of the Windows operating system
• Joe (Joe Belfiore) on Sunday held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​Microsoft's press conference to answer questions about Nokia will launch Android smartphones question, said : "There are some things we feel very excited , we are not too excited about some things no matter what they do, we have to support them . "
Joe Belfiore reiterated that Microsoft has a strong relationship with Nokia Joe Belfiore said, because Microsoft has not yet completed acquisition of Nokia devices division , he can not say too much. Microsoft's head of global OEM manufacturers 
Nick Parker (Nick Parker) chimed in , he thanked the competition. Here compete is very good.

Nokia Push Androids phone

There is a unique relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. It is widely believed that Nokia will launch running Android operating system for smart phones is undermining the commitment of Microsoft and Nokia's previous Windows Phone 's . Given Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia devices sector trading then there will be a few weeks to complete , this initiative is Nokia's strange .

 Nokia Push Androids phone

Although the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft has been very harmonious. However , Nokia will launch Android smartphones initiatives that Microsoft may maintain a certain distance with Nokia, even after the completion of the acquisition transaction as well. In order to balance relationships with other partners , Microsoft must show that it is neutral. Sun also announced a number of Microsoft Windows Phone support new partner companies, including LG, ZTE and Lenovo, as well as iPhone maker Foxconn .ind Parker seems to have agreed to allow Nokia to operate independently , although after the completion of the acquisition transaction may be subject to change.

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